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Brands, Consumers, and How Sam Ewen is Bridging their Gap to Web3 (E19)

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Welcome to the Immutable Mindset podcast, your ultimate guide to the future of blockchain technology, crypto, and the next evolution of the internet. Today, we're thrilled to feature Sam Ewen on the show. Sam is the head of CoinDesk Studios and co-host of the Gen C podcast, a show focusing on how brands and marketers are exploring and building in the Web3 ecosystem to experiment in and potentially transform their businesses. With 20+ years of experience in brand engagement, he is a pioneer in digital advertising and event marketing. Sam's expertise spans creative technology, retail, and social engagement, driving impressive results for top brands. As a professor, speaker, and mentor, he shares his knowledge and serves on advisory boards. Sam has created impactful experiences for renowned brands such as Samsung, Nike, and HBO. Adam and Kevin sit down with Sam to discuss his journey, his vision for the future of Web3, and his thoughts on how brands can adopt these new technologies. They talk about the need for a thoughtful and intentional approach to the development and adoption of blockchain technology and the importance of community, transformational use cases, and education, rather than a get-rich-quick mindset. Furthermore, they also discuss how brands can adopt these new technologies and the potential for Web3 to transform traditional industries. Tune in to learn more about the future of Web3 and how it will impact the world we live in. Notable Quotes "I don't think Web3 is a foregone conclusion. I love technology, I love the opportunity, but there are a lot of technologies that I've been involved with in my career that are no longer around" -Sam [13:16] “I just think that the blockchain does amazing things, and I'm very bullish on the blockchain, but a lot of people are trying to recreate things in Web3 that don't need to exist in Web3, but they put a Web3 layer, and they're like, this is going to happen.”- Sam [15:12] Our Guest Sam Ewen is a visionary maverick driving brand innovation for over 20 years. SVP and head of CoinDesk Studios, synonymous with creative thinking. Web3 trailblazer, Bitcoin miner, and Gen C podcast host Resources & Links Kevin Logan Jr Adam Posner The Immutable Mindset Sam Ewen The Immutable Mindset is proudly supported by Metaintro, the professional resume wallet for Web3. The multi-chain custodial wallet holds proof-of-employment, proof-of-skill, and proof-of-education, replacing the PDF resume. Adjacent to the project, Metaintro runs a massive Discord community dedicated to web3 jobs. Around 4,000 jobs are posted in the community a month. For more information on Metaintro, head to or on Twitter at /metaintro. For all episodes and to subscribe, please visit Please follow us on Twitter & Instagram @ImmutableShow Thanks for listening!

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