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Lin Dai: Unlocking the Possibilities of Blockchain, NFTs and Web3: The Visionary CEO @ One Of

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Welcome to the Immutable Mindset podcast, your ultimate guide to the future of blockchain technology, crypto, and the next evolution of the internet. Our guest today is a pioneer in the Web3 and blockchain space who has a deep passion for creating a greener and more sustainable NFT platform, inspiring many to set new standards in the industry. Lin Dai is a seasoned entrepreneur, digital executive, and change maker. He founded the first social network in digital Rewards platform for teens. As the CEO and co-founder of OneOf, Lin has led partnerships with global icons like the Grammys, Warner Music, Sports Illustrated, and top artists from Doja Cat to Whitney Houston. His commitment to creating a greener and more sustainable NFT platform has inspired many to set new standards for the industry. Adam and Kevin sit down with Lin to discuss the current state of the Blockchain space, how his company OneOf is playing its part in creating “many-to-many relationships,” as he put it, and what his message is for future enthusiasts and companies interested in venturing into this space. Listen to the entire podcast as Lin Dai shares his unique perspectives, expertise, and lessons he's learned along the way. Check out OneOf @ Notable Quotes “The last ten, twenty years, with the advent of the Internet, there is a kind of the holy grail of like, how do we create one on one relationships, right? And like Web1 kind of promised that and Web2 kind of promised that. But it's still a brand-to-consumer relationship. What Web3 does is it's a many-to-many relationship, like your consumers are out there now advocating and educating other people in the community. That is very, very precious and hard to achieve.” Lin (17:21) “You can be unstoppable even if you start learning today. My knowledge is only slightly ahead of some of the newer people because I'm learning every day still. Like I'm trying to look at what my peers and my comrades and my colleagues in different companies are doing and there is just great work being done by lots of amazing companies.” Lin (48:43) Our Guest Lin Dai is a seasoned entrepreneur, digital executive, and change maker since founding the first social network in digital rewards platform for teens. Lin has gained valuable insights into the evolving world of blockchain technology, NFTs, and web3. As a general partner of Chainlink Crypto Fund, Lin continues to shape the digital currency landscape and help others navigate the exciting, complex world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He has an extensive background in digital marketing, entertainment properties, web series, and live-streaming events. The Immutable Mindset is proudly supported by Metaintro, the professional resume wallet for web3. The multi-chain custodial wallet holds proof-of-employment, proof-of-skill, and proof-of-education, replacing the PDF resume. Adjacent to the project, Metaintro runs a massive Discord community dedicated to web3 jobs. Around 4,000 jobs are posted in the community a month. For more information on Metaintro, head to or on Twitter at /metaintro. For all episodes and to subscribe, please visit Please follow us on Twitter & Instagram @ImmutableShow Thanks for listening! Resources & Links Kevin Logan Jr Adam Posner The Immutable Mindset YouTube @ Lin Dai For past shows, please check out:

Episode Notes

In This Episode

(01:29) – Kevin and Adam discuss Adidas launching their NFT collection.

(02:09) – Discussing London Stock Exchange now offering a Bitcoin derivative.

(03:16) – On Japan going full Web3 and Hong Kong following suit.

(03:55) – On France supporting DeFi with regulations and Ethereum going up.

(05:44) – On mobile being the gateway for mass adoption and white-hat hackers.

(09:05) – Discussing the current state of things in the blockchain space.

(11:19) – How the conversation has changed around the regulatory environment in this bear market.

(14:45) – How brands should integrate their products into Web3.

(19:50) – The resistance point to Web3, from a corporate leader's decision-making standpoint

(25:30) – Whether an app of apps will finally make people understand the blockchain space.

(29:54) – The infancy of the blockchain space and big brands' long-term strategy.

(32:56) – Lin talks about his company and their current and future plans.

(41:05) – What inspired Lin to focus on green NFTs and blockchains? 

(45:16) – Expanding on what is Power Mint.

(48:23) – Lin’s advice to people and companies on how to enter the Web 3 and Blockchain space.