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David Schwed: The Reality Of Systemic Security Risks in Crypto

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Welcome to the Immutable Mindset podcast, your ultimate guide to the future of blockchain technology, crypto and the next evolution of the internet. Our guest today is widely regarded as a true thought leader in the blockchain industry space. He has a keen eye for innovation and a deep understanding of blockchain technology. He turned a 100K investment into a $40 million profit. Today we sat down with David to get inspired, informed, and entertained and get his thoughts on the future of digital assets, and security within the blockchain and web 3 space. Notable Quotes “We are now in 2023, and we really don’t have any true enterprise-level risk management. So, I think we’re not in a great place, candidly, where I think we should be. I am hopeful that things like DoD Frank Act, I hope there is some sort of similar legislation that’s passed. Because we can’t be taking in 100% of our deposits and lending a 100% of our deposits with risky loans. I think there is this gray area of criminality where you are just YOLOing from a risk management perspective. I think in a good way a lot of this is just poor risk management and not criminality, outside of FTX.” – David (15:13) “I think it honestly comes down to a lack of actual understanding. You can’t just beat your chest and say I am just going to dictate how this is going to work. By sanctioning validators to not take certain transactions is such a severe regulatory overstep. I think it kind of telegraphs somewhat of the immaturity in the regulators to fully grasp the implications of what they are doing. This is a global financial economy and ecosystem.” – David (36:12) Our Guest David Schwed has 21 years of experience in IT, information security, and risk management. He has worked for some of the biggest names in the finance world, including BNY Melon, Merrill Lynch, Citi group, and Galaxy Digital. In 2008, David founded the telecom company Mass Communications, an 100K investment that he sold 10 years later for 40 million dollars. David has a keen eye for innovation and a deep understanding of blockchain technology. Resources & Links Kevin Logan Jr The Immutable Mindset David Schwed The Immutable Mindset is proudly supported by Metaintro, the professional resume wallet for web3. The multi-chain custodial wallet holds proof-of-employment, proof-of-skill, and proof-of-education, replacing the PDF resume. Adjacent to the project, Metaintro runs a massive Discord community dedicated to web3 jobs. Around 4,000 jobs are posted in the community a month. For more information on Metaintro, head to or on Twitter at /metaintro. For all episodes and to subscribe, please visit Please follow us on Twitter & Instagram @ImmutableShow Thanks for listening!

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