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Chris Adamo: Navigating Venture Capital in Web3

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Welcome to the Immutable Mindset podcast, your ultimate guide to the future of block chain technology, crypto and the next evolution of the internet. In this very special episode of The Immutable Mindset, co-founders Adam and Kevin sit down with Chris Adamo, co-founder of Flamingo Capital and Adam’s best friend. Together they discuss the future of crypto and blockchain and some of the challenges facing the web 3 space today. Notable Quotes “People are really believing in collaboration over competition and abundancy. We all learn together. Rising tides lift all ships and I think that’s the mentality of that is keeping us afloat and keeping us moving in the right direction.” – Adam (9:24) “Definitely more open, definitely less history. People are kind of like; this is me; this is only me; this is all I do; this is my world and it’s closed off. A lot of folks are new to this space. In general, it’s only a few years old. So, there are open to learning from you. If you have done something in the last few years that’s done well and made an example of it, then you are going to learn.” –Chris (07:52) “There is still a lot of harm that’s been done in the past year around the trust issues and overall understanding of how this stuff works. I do think we need more security. I think we can take a page out of how people built institutions for years of governments and then bump the trust around it, And then build some sort of FDIC insurance around cryptocurrency. That could happen and that could be a huge business for us.” – Chris (24:05) Our Guest Chris Adamo is an investor, advisor and cofounder of Flamingo Capital, a venture capital fund that invests in early-stage companies in Miami. Chris is highly knowledge in the Web 3 and blockchain space having invested and advised in more than 70 projects and organization in the web 3 field and beyond. He is a master connector and bridge builder who is always looking to meet new people because he believes in the possibilities of new relationships. Before starting Flamingo Capital, Chris was the head of strategic partners for 1-800-FLOWERS for 8 years. Chris and Adam Posner have been best friends for a long time. Resources & Links Kevin Logan Jr The Immutable Mindset Chris Adamo The Immutable Mindset is proudly supported by Metaintro, the professional resume wallet for web3. The multi-chain custodial wallet holds proof-of-employment, proof-of-skill, and proof-of-education, replacing the PDF resume. Adjacent to the project, Metaintro is runs a massive Discord community dedicated to web3 jobs. Around 4,000 jobs are posted in the community a month. For more information on Metaintro, head to or on Twitter at /metaintro.  For all episodes and to subscribe, please visit Please follow us on Twitter & Insta @ImmutableShow Thanks for listening! 

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